Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s maker ?

Individual or group who want to realize ideation into hardware solution by doing activity such as microcontroller coding, 3D printing, electronical assembly, measurement, network testing, and crafting

2. How to be a Maker in X-Camp?

You can be a Maker if you have completed the registration process in X-Camp website. Then you must submit the project proposal which contain of background, detail plan and activity and time schedule. You will be a Maker in X-Camp after the proposal approved by XL XCamp Team

3. Where can I do Maker Registration?

You can do registration in X-Camp Website.

4. Where can I Install the X-Camp Maker Application?

Currently, the application only support in Android Mobile Phone

5. Where the X-Camp applications can be downloaded?

The X-Camp applications can be downloaded either in the X-Camp website or link that appear in confirmation mail when you do registration process

6. Is X-Camp open for public?

Yes, all IoT enthusiast can visit the X-Camp

7. What is Maker Zone?

Maker Zone is the place where maker can build and develop their product from prototyping until final product with support by all X-Camp facilities

8. How to enter the Maker Zone?

It’s a restricted area in X-Cam, to enter the Maker Zone you must have at least 1 approved project by XL

9. What facilities inside X-Camp?

X-Camp has Amphitheater, Discussion Room, Exhibition Room, Training Room, Usability Room and Maker Room

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