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The first Internet of Things (IoT) open laboratory in Indonesia, owned by PT XL Axiata. A place where all IoT stakeholders can discuss, seek, develop, and collaborate for IoT, AI and tech-based services and solutions together within various programs such as incubation, B2B, B2G, and co-development frameworks for various industries and verticals advancing the revolution of industry 4.0.

Our Roles

X-Camp at Jakarta is an Innovation Centre built to accelerate the development of IoT ecosystem in Indonesia where IoT players (Startup, Developer, Student, Maker) could develop their product throught Testbed Facility, Product Development, Business Incubation, Financing and Networking Program.

The main objective of the X-CAMP is to become the home of sustainable IoT business in Indonesia by providing Indonesians IoT Startups the Incubation Program, Enterprise Engagement and talent capability development (IoT Academy).

What We Have

Maker Space
End to end network and variative IoT Module for maker to do connectivity and capability, testing, research, and analysis.
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Collaborative Venue
Meet up room, makerspace, user experience laboratory and product display training to support IoT Ecosystem.
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Incubator Tube
Catalyze all IoT Industries including Business Expert, Marketing and Financial Venture.
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IoT Competence Academy
Become an IoT Expert in Industry 4.0 by joining the IoT Academy program from X-Camp.
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Why Us

· One-stop solution for everything needed to develop IoT products.
· Trusted partner in developing business-proven IoT Solutions.
· Resourceful skill development program to get one ready for IoT-related careers.







AI & IoT Development

XL Future Leader (XLFL)
XL Axiata Future Leaders (XLFL) program by XL Axiata aim to empower Indonesian future leaders with confidence, insight and awareness in the context of learning our three core competencies: effective communication, entrepreneurship & innovation, and managing change. Through XL Axiata Future Leaders, we can help Indonesia's young leaders to build an IoT product from design thinking until prototyping stage.
Akademi Madrasah Digital (AMD)
Akademi Madrasah Digital is a collaboration between the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia and PT XL Axiata in the form of training and development of Madrasah Aliyah students throughout Indonesia which is held online and hands-on under the auspices of PT XL's X-Camp IoT (Internet of Things) laboratory.
AIMDP Program
The AI-IoT Makers Development Program (AIMDP) is a program from X-Camp IoT Lab at PT XL Axiata in the context of developing the AI-IoT ecosystem in Indonesia, which focuses on providing soft skills and hard skills education for students in improving their skills and work experience, especially in the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) field to compete in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era.
XL Kampus Merdeka (XLKM)
Kampus Merdeka is a part of the policy by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia which provides opportunities for students to improve skills, especially in software and IoT product development. With maker space in our lab, anyone can utilize our machines, tools, modules, and platform, therefore preparing Indonesian talents for a bright future career.


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